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Welcome to the Anita Baker Pages, a site devoted to the fabulous singer. This site will provide regular news about the singer and tour information. Regular features of the site include a biography, picture gallery, album information and related links.
A big note of appreciation goes to Kema, who tirelessly sends me new info to post to the site. Thanks, girl!!! (BTW, I included your MySpace page on my Links page)

Mon. January 26, 2009: Anita's Birthday
Our girl turns a year older. Happy birthday!


Anita Baker Releases Christmas Fantasy Album, Dec 29, 2005.
Christmas Fantasy album cover
A new album is out. Yay! Christmas Fantasy is Anita's newest album in a little over a year. Filled with her unmistakable jazzy-tinged signature vocal stylings.
   "You Are My Everything" New Anita Baker Single, July 09, 2004.
My Everything album cover
Yay!!!! Anita Baker's newest studio release in 10 years, You Are My Everything" is now playing on urban/R and B radio stations around the United States. Read more of Anita Baker article...
Regular Site Features
Anita's Albums
Get the lowdown on Anita Baker's past albums. If you are new to the music of Anita Baker you can also listen to some audio clips of Anita Baker hits on this site.
     Picture Gallery
Hurray! I've finally gotten 'round to adding some new pictures of Anita. You'll need to scroll down past the older pictures to see the recent additions. Hopefully, it won't take me such a long time in the future to update these pics.

I would like to thank Hans Blaauw, who was kind enough to share some rare pictures from his collection.
Get in Touch
The response to this site has been very positive and I'm very encouraged by the comments I get from other Anita Baker fans. It's amazing to correspond with people all over the world, who share my appreciation for Ms Baker's music. Please continue to send in your comments to me. If you have pictures, news, articles, or anything similar, that you would like to share on this site, you can also send them to me.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Anita Baker. I simply happen to enjoy her music. I say this because I have received numerous requests from people wanting to be linked up with the singer. You can always try her record company.

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