Anita Links  - The Official Website for Anita Baker. My website is listed on their Fan page. Please visit and rate my site.

Anita Baker Fanpage - Fan Site by Tommy Jensen

Anita Baker's Fan Forum - Do you have a particularly tough-to-answer question about Anita Baker? The dedicated members of this Yahoo mailing list will almost certainly be able to supply the answers you need.

Anita Baker, The Songstress - This is a new site and it has some great video and audio links

Blue Note Records: Anita Baker page - Her new home dedicates several pages to the soul queen. This link contains a biography and an in-depth write-up about the new album "My Everything." Fans can also post comments and listen to some of the new tracks.

Kema's My Space - Kema is Anita biggest fan by far, so much so that if you surf the Internet regularly and profess to love Anita Baker, but haven't heard of Kema then you should not be calling yourself an AB fan. Now, Kema has her own online space devoted to Miss Baker.

Music Directories

Anita Baker at - Artist page devoted to Anita Baker on the VH1 website  - A discography and a bio

Greatest Stars about contemporary Jazz   - A Spanish-language site. This directory features mostly stars of contemporary jazz. There is a page devoted to Anita Baker. Artist Information   - A discography and a bio,4391,1001700,00.html?source=launchcast

Search Music Network  - An extensive collection of music links covering different genres of music, types of instruments and links to artiste pages. Visit to search the collection or visit the Anita Baker page.

Serebella  - A comprehensive directory with an extensive collection of music information. Visit to browse the collection or acess information about Anita Baker.  - A classic soul music site with a periodic show on XM Satellite Radio. An Anita Baker artist page has recently been added to the site.

R and B/Soul Links

Blues and Soul  - This is an excellent source of R and B news, and chart information based in the U.K.

Soul24-7  - Soul music streamed 24-7 from the U.K right to your computer.

Solar Radio  - Soul funk and jazz music streamed from the South-East London.

The Fader Magazine  - A magazine on music and popular culture. This site is very simply-designed with GREAT pictures and some article excerpts.

Detroit Links

Detroit News  - The website of the "Detroit News" newspaper

Detroit Free Press

Jazz-Funk, Fusion & P-Funk Links

The P*Funk Review  - I discovered this while surfing for Gill Scott-Heron sites. There are links to artist-specific pages, and you can also sign-up to a mailing list in order to receive soul and p-funk related information.

Jamiroquai's official website  - This is an ultra-cool site. It makes very good use of Flash features, but not so much that it takes forever to download. Another big plus is it's discussion board, which is both a thriving community and a wealth of information. It's not all "I love Jamiroquai" postings, thankfully.

Gill Scott-Heron fan site  - This is a fan's site dedicated to Gill Scott-Heron.  (Personal Page)  - News, Album reviews, Release dates, Interviews and more. You can also sign-up to a mailing list thru' this site. I liked this site a lot.

Jazz Piano Online  - This is dedicated to jazz piano: an extensive catalogue of famous pianists, types of pianos, and links.

Ear-Scorching Fusion  - This is a site by a fusion fan called Scott (sorry, that's all I know). He catalogues his favourite fusion artistes of all time, and has a more extensive fusion link-list that I can probably duplicate on this page (or, may be for a while yet).

Jazz/Fusion Artsiste Index   - A catalogue of jazz-fusion artistes.

Sinclair's Cool Jazz Sites  - You can search for jazz-fusion artistes by the instrument they play. You can also read more about who Sinclair is.


Jill Scott  - My girl! Ahem... OK, so I don't know her personally, but with the frequency with which I've rocked her debut album "Who is Jill Scott?", and the intensity with which I've pored over her lyrics, I feel like I damned well do. If you haven't heard of her (can this be possible......) pu-lsease check out her album.

Erykah Badu  - "Mama's Gun" is a fantastic album, and an excellent follow-up to "Baduizm". It's turned me into a confirmed fan of Miss Badu's talents, and this is after not really liking Baduizm.....

Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

Femi Kuti   - Femi Kuti. One of the premiere voices in afro-beat in Nigeria, and the world over. Also, the son of the legendary Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.


Dina Carroll

Music Streaming

Soul24-7  - Soul music streamed 24-7 from the U.K right to your computer.

Solar Radio  - Soul funk and jazz music streamed from the South-East London.


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